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Smart Man, Smarter Woman Podcast

Jul 17, 2020

Gold Nuggets in this Episode:

  • When building a team, your new team member should be someone that you would invite over to your house for dinner.
  • Just because you’ve heard someone say something previously, doesn’t mean if you hear them say it 10 months from now that it won’t resonate with you. You can get something different out of it because you’re in a different place.
  • Steve has set his goal to finish his coffee table quote book this year.
  • An entrepreneur should never love a product or service, they should love problems and solving them. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, someone has to buy your product or service, otherwise it’s just a hobby.
  • Juliet said Steve was right.
  • Hire a business coach. Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer in the world, and he has a coach. Just because you’re doing well doesn’t mean that you don’t need a coach.
  • Every decision that you make is either moving you towards your goal or away from your goal.
  • The most successful entrepreneurs are those who are never afraid to say “I don’t know,” and then go and ask somebody to help them. As entrepreneurs, our pride can get in the way, and there’s a lot of value in saying “I don’t know that” to yourself and others.
  • The best book to read is the one that’s closest to you, and read everything you can.
  • When it’s working right, a family business can be the greatest thing, but when it’s not working it really doesn’t work.
  • 70% of all businesses that fail were profitable when they went out of business.
  • Most entrepreneurs only deal with one facet of their industry, product, or service. If you’re looking for something different to do and you are already familiar with one industry, it doesn’t mean that you have to jump into a new industry to start something new.


Today, co-hosts become guests and reflect on the interesting conversations that have happened during the first 11 episodes on the Smart Man Smarter Woman Podcast. Ten years of being persistent in business and life together, to winning awards, and launching Kninja (the “K” is silent) to writing the book “The Kninja Way – Our Journey to the Firm of the Future,” and the journey is still far from over.


Song by Adam Vitovsky / CC BY 3.0