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Smart Man, Smarter Woman Podcast

Dec 3, 2020

Gold Nuggets in this Episode:

  • “Most people don’t like to step outside their comfort zone, but when you do, it opens your eyes to different things.”
  • “Leaders in any type of organization that are large and effective, they somehow make their people feel a different feeling of importance, attention, that they matter – that it’s not just the numbers.”
  • There’s not only one formula to be a great leader.
  • “The best entrepreneurs are the ones that have a powerful ‘why’.”
  • As a leader, how you feel reflects in how your team is going to feel. Sometimes, for entrepreneurs that’s a lot of pressure – feeling like you can’t have a bad day because then your team is going to have a bad day.

    “You’re going to have bad days, but how do you handle it, and do you have a routine that gets you back at least to a neutral spot so you’re not walking in with a sour face?”
  • “The key to be a great leader is to be genuine, real, to be yourself, and to care about the people you work with.”
  • “It’s very critical to have a routine that you start your day with. It’s less important what the routine is, and more important that you have a routine.”
  • Steve and Juliet have written a book. Steve reckons there are still more chapters to write, but Juliet doesn’t quite feel the same way.
  • “Being an entrepreneur is tough. It takes a lot of dedication. Maybe you’re having a horrible year, those conditions are temporary. If you have that resilience and persistence to keep going, if you truly believe in something and you’re passionate about it, then things will turn.”
  • “There’s a big difference between being a business owner and being a leader. Just because you are an entrepreneur and you own a business doesn’t automatically mean that you are a good leader.”
  • “Motivation gets you going. Discipline keeps you growing.” – John C. Maxwell

Our guest is John Laurito CFP, ChFC, CRPC, CEO of The Laurito Group, Keynote speaker, Leadership expert, Author, and Host of the Tomorrow’s Leader Podcast. John is a highly successful leader, earning a reputation as a “turnaround expert.” His work speaks for itself: he led the Hartford, CT office of Amiprise from it’s ranking of 100th out of 110 up to #1 in the country. He also tripled the size of Concord Wealth Management (the Boston Agency of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company) within 7 years, moving it from last place in national ranking to being awarded the President’s Award (twice) and the Excellence Award (three times).

Song by Adam Vitovsky / CC BY 3.0