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Smart Man, Smarter Woman Podcast

Jan 7, 2021

Gold Nuggets in this Episode:

  • “A business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.”
  • “Companies and leaders need to go beyond traditional training methods to truly engage with their employees.”

    “Knowledge-dumping is important, but when it comes to culture, leadership, creating influence, and mass movements, it’s the culture that needs to shift.”
  • There are three types of employees in every organization:

    “Actively Disengaged – they come to work and do less than is expected.”

    “Disengaged – they come to work and do what is expected.”

    “Engaged – they come to work and do more than what is expected.”
  • “If you’ve got employees in your team that come to work and just get through the day, then you’ve got wasted money on the table.”

    “You’re wasting 34% of their salary before they even walk in the door.”
  • You can turn an organization around in 4-5 weeks.
  • “I’ve learnt all my leadership stuff from bad leaders – what not to do.”
  • “You’ve got to start a business where you’re not working in it. You’ve got to start a business that is scalable, leverage-able, and online.”
  • “Your past is perfect. Even if it didn’t work out or you had an argument with your boss and got fired, it’s a good contrast to keep pushing you toward your passion and dreams.”
  • “The biggest lesson in life is always to charge towards your highest excitement; charge towards your true north. If you’re not charging towards your highest excitement that means you’re off-course.”
  • “Everything is neutral until you give it meaning.”
  • “It is a hell of a journey, and the more you can look after your mental health along the journey, the better off you’re going to be as a leader, influencer, and entrepreneur.”
  • “I’ve never lost a game. I just ran out of time.” – Michael Jordan

Our guest is Richard Maloney, Founder and CEO of Quality Mind Global and Engage & Grow. Richard is a serial entrepreneur, internationally sought-after keynote speaker, mental health coach, and mentor. He has authored three books: The Minds of Winning Teams, Engage & Grow, and Injury Free. His method, known as the Maloney Method, has grown into a system of healing that has allowed people to transform their lives through mental training. He has a passion for fine wine, the outdoors, friends, family, golfing, and surfing.

Song by Adam Vitovsky / CC BY 3.0