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Smart Man, Smarter Woman Podcast

Mar 25, 2021

Gold Nuggets in this Episode:

  • “A business model is nothing but how an organization creates, captures, and delivers value. How they join together these different pieces in a business is the business model.”
  • “Most entrepreneurs, what happens is they think there is a gap in the market, but they never look whether...

Mar 19, 2021

Gold Nuggets in this Episode:

  • “Interestingly” is, in fact, a word. Juliet is interestingly excellent.
  • “The only thing that people really respond to in the mail, is something you could eat.”
  • “We guarantee our customers that we will delivery them a 10% success ratio.”
  • “There’s a misconception among...

Mar 12, 2021

Gold Nuggets in this Episode:

  • Steve hasn’t had much sleep, but with some extra caffeine, the show goes on!
  • “It’s great that I have a business acumen, and it’s great that I love sales, but I have to have a plan.”
  • “People think it’s so easy to go and sell your art, or your photography, without really...

Mar 5, 2021

Gold Nuggets in this Episode:

  • “If you’re not out there getting in the media, getting on podcasts, getting quoted in the Star, somebody else in your industry is.”
  • “If you don’t know the art of the pitch and you don’t understand what you’re doing you can burn more bridges than you can build.”
  • “Whatever...