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Smart Man, Smarter Woman Podcast

Aug 28, 2020

Gold Nuggets in this Episode:

  • Juliet, the smarter woman, used the word “lawyerly”, and Steve remembers getting into trouble for using the term. They’re going to have to resolve this off air.
  • Andrew says you need a team. It’s not about you.
  • The culture of an organization matters. Culture is not...

Aug 20, 2020

Gold Nuggets in this Episode:

  • Jeff’s experience around the world includes social media, marketing conferences (including digital), and influencer conferences
  • How organic growth is going to be at the whims of an algorithm and the algorithms could be a Google SEO algorithm.
  • The trend that organic reach of social media...

Aug 13, 2020

Gold Nuggets in this Episode:

  • Easy and Powerful Steps to Branding Your Company
  • The way to conceptualize and create the best ever online platform
  • Easy Ways to Create Video Content and How to Share It.
  • Essential ways to get your business online especially in the age of COVID19
  • Essential, Powerful Tips to Maximize...

Aug 6, 2020

Gold Nuggets in this Episode:

  • Appreciating the opportunity to serve the community and meet with so many different people and successful business owners is a blessing.
  • The level of independence would be someplace that be lot more comfortable
  • Women tend to much more create collective groups of other women. So it's easier...